Q&A Wednesday – How To Ask For A Girl’s Phone Number

This is going to be a short post, answering a question I recently got on my email, regarding how to actually ask for a girl’s phone number, after you’ve approached her, had a couple of minutes of good chatting, and you genuinely think you want to see this person again.

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How To Approach A Girl And Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety

Fresh into the new year, we’re taking a look at the biggest problem men have when it comes to dating and attraction. Suprisingly, approaching a girl seems to be the hardest thing ever for a guy like you and me, and let me tell you why that’s completely okay.
Basing your actions on a social standart is a normal thing. It keeps us sane, and keeps us part of the social group we’re in. There’s a whole community of men out there, that fresh into the dating game, find it as the hardest thing to do to actually approach a woman. It’s funny how those are the guys that can really build a comfortable relationship, but they never even make it there. They start using a bunch of excuses to justify their lack of motivation towards attracting and seducing hot women, and in this post we’ll be taking a look at the different mechanisms in our brain that prevent us from approaching, and how to overcome those blockages.

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The Formula For Attracting Women

It’s time to get to the good stuff. In this post I will unveil to you what psychologically attracts women on a deep level, and makes you irresistible. I will try to keep it as practical as possible, while using a story so you can better understand the main concepts and thoughts I’m trying to get across.

Now, attracting girls is not an easy job, but with some core concepts in mind, it gets a heck of a lot easier. The formula for attraction is suprisingly, pretty simple.

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My First Relationship And What I Learned From It

I decide to start this advice blog with a personal story. I believe the only way you can transfer your emotions and thoughts to someone else is by strongly believing in them, and I hope you, the reader, can benefit from the things that I have been through, because having the third person perspective of a situation can really help you break it down and understand it, and this is what I found out during (or after) my journey with my first girlfriend.

First things first, the relationship itself started in an odd way, so to better comprehend it, I’ll start from square one.

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