The Formula For Attracting Women

It’s time to get to the good stuff. In this post I will unveil to you what psychologically attracts women on a deep level, and makes you irresistible. I will try to keep it as practical as possible, while using a story so you can better understand the main concepts and thoughts I’m trying to get across.

Now, attracting girls is not an easy job, but with some core concepts in mind, it gets a heck of a lot easier. The formula for attraction is suprisingly, pretty simple.

F + C = A, in which:F = Fun, which means you are a guy who can let loose, be himself around people, take it easy, drop a good joke now and then, have a sense of humor and love to put yourself in fun social situations. One who is not stifled about saying what is on his mind, who lives by his rules and can truly express his emotions without worrying about social judgment.
C = Challenging, meaning you are a person who is on top of his shxt, he knows what he wants and is not willing to be with any girl who finds him attractive. That means having a standart and a clear intent in what you want out of girls, and having no problem telling them that. It means being able to quality a girl to find out whether or not she is the one for you, based on your standart. Also being a guy who is not putting her first in his life, no matter how perfect she is, for the sake of being on a mission and being a prize for her, being something she has to fight for.

This is the basis of being fun and challenging. You might say this sounds too broad, so in the interest of better comprehension, let’s narrow it down as much as we can. To do that, I’ll give you an example, and let’s imagine the following:

We have 3 guys.
Guy A is fun, but not challenging.
Guy B is challenging, but not fun.
Guy C is fun and challenging.
Let’s take a brief look of their dating lives.

Guy A – he’s funny, sometimes cocky even, and can really make a crowd laugh. Not really aiming to be the center of attention, he always has people around him because people love to be around him. He’s loose, he loves being playful and entertaining people, which is a good thing, because he’s good at doing it. He can easily bounce from one social situation to another, and everyone enjoys his presence and overall energy. He has a tough time with women, because a lot of them say he’s “a good friend” and “good boyfriend material” yet his results aren’t really reinforcing that. By them, he’s percieved as a “safe” option, and girls often like being around him, but he’s never getting laid. In the dating community, these guys are called “dancing monkeys” because of their tendency to lose themselves in this “entertaining” persona, often leaving them alone at the end of the night. I think the word “dancing monkey” has a negative impact associated with it, which is something I disagree with. I think you should aim to be a fun, playful guy, but have a touch of this challenging character in yourself.

Guy B – he’s really a challenge. To be with, and to understand. Guys like these can get girls, but rarely fall behind due to the fact that they’re not playful. In social standarts, these are the guys we percieve as “assxoles” and when I first got into dating, I thought this was the way to go. They’re often mean and direct, which sparks a lot of emotions in girls, making their guards fall down. They can get picky with girls, often shaming the women they find unattractive, and for the most part, being with such girls, because the really attractive girls go for the “Guy C” type. That’s the typical standart of the “mean guy with the mean look” that walks around the club or venue with the intention of looking “badass” or “mean”. They often put people down, so they can seem better, and sure, this works, but is this the guy you want to be? This, as we know, is a completely wrong mindset to have, and girls see right through your insecurities.

Guy C – the playful guy who’s also a challenge is the girls favorite. You can let loose, relax around people, and still be a trophy or prize that girls actually enjoy chasing. On a concious level, you’re cool and laid back, yet serious and indifferent. On a subconcious level, they can feel strong emotions with the game of chasing you play with them, and they hate to admit they love to play it. You can be a hotshot, owning every social situation you go into, entertain people and fill them with positive energy, yet still have room to be on top of your shxt as a man, being able to pick the qualities you want in the girl next to you. You bring out the best in people, giving them good emotions and always challenging them and bringing them up to your level.

Now, you have a better idea and understanding of the types of guys there are, and in future posts I plan to go even deeper into certain social stereotypes of guys, and in the near future we’ll take a look into how to actually become this super fun, playful, bxdass version of yourself. For now, let this rest in your head. It might be new information, and it might be not, but take it into account and think about it before you go to sleep tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Peace out beast.






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